ProfileHi, I’m Debra.

Thirty-four years ago I became a mom and now I’m even a grandmother! I also run a business, take care of the tasks related to our home, and help in the care of my elderly mother. So it’s super important for me to be energetic and productive!

Nine years ago, my husband John Molot and I decided to change our lifestyle. We wanted to emphasize organic and antioxidant dense nutrition, detoxifying through exercise and sauna, and generally looking for every way possible to give ourselves cleaner bodies to live in. As new information in environmental medicine is reported, our plan evolves. The result is that we feel more vibrant and energetic than we ever did before.

I love spending time in my kitchen, creating and learning quick and easy ways to implement a nutritious diet. And I especially love sharing my creations with my incredible family and wonderful friends!

And now, I’m really excited to be putting our plan into action with you!