There’s something cleansing about the beginning of January.   I don’t think it’s about making new years resolutions; I prefer to think it’s the promise of latent potential taking root and a commitment to bring all kinds of wonderful possibilities to fruition. 

January 2016, I committed to blogging about lifestyle and how John and I incorporate the elements of healthy living into our busy days.  But busy days got busier and every day had new, unexpected demands on time.  Eventually blogging got lost in the crowd vying for a place on the priority list.

Also, last January I committed to adding meditation to my daily routine and signed up for a  5 day meditation seminar through Art of Living. I never thought I was someone who ‘could’ get into meditation – my brain is always so busy. I had tried guided meditations and techniques learned from books.  At best, I’d fall asleep.  This time though,  I was totally gung ho after learning the breathing techniques.  But the next week I developed a cold and put the practice off for a few days until I could breath well through my nose. Ah….a few days became weeks and then months.  Ultimately, we choose how we want to spend our time. It never ranked with my desire to try a new recipe or read a novel.

What’s a demand? What’s a responsibility?   I knew I wanted to implement meditation, but it was a commitment I wasn’t yet able to make. I wouldn’t prioritize it above babysitting for my grandson or spending time with my mother. My ‘to do’ list was really long, but some of the ‘want to do’ items were disguised as ‘have to dos’ like the evening email check, trying out yet another recipe for gluten free muffins, or watching another 1/2 hour of CNN to see what Donald and Hillary were up to.

I reached a point last fall when I was feeling strung out ALL the time and as much as I tried to maintain a positive countenance and attitude, under my breath was a silent expression of negativity that was pervading everything I did.  So breathing was the place to start – review the techniques I had learned in the meditation course and make a time, every day to practice.  On October 28th, while on vacation for a couple of weeks, I committed and it’s been truly a life changer.  I have to go to sleep earlier so I stay away from my computer, no more baking at night, and I don’t turn on CNN after 8 pm. Getting up earlier for meditation practice gives me more energy and an ability to stay focused and stay on top of my positive game.

I’ve decided that this year, blogging about putting the plan into action will be our honest account of how it works for us.  We’re all busy.  It’s always a challenge to structure time and use willpower to make the healthiest choices.   January 1 is an arbitrary date – it could be October 28th or any other day. Whether it’s adding extra portions of fruit and veggies,  getting out for a walk a day, or meditating, any day is the right day to start or to add a new dimension to what you’re already doing.

Last Thursday, we had to bring our almost 16 year old puppy to the vet to be put to sleep.  We came home, ordered 2 medium pizzas and opened a bottle of red wine.  Absolutely the right choice for that night!