Every  new day comes with the potential of sticking to a healthy lifestyle plan or not.  Here’s three common factors that can get in the way of having a pristine day.

The Grab Factor – We all do this – letting the grab factor get in the way! We walk in the house really hungry and before we start preparing dinner we grab a snack. Or we’ve just had a stressful interaction that sends us cruising in the kitchen. Whatever the trigger, unless we put a plan into action we’re going to snack on something handy that will most likely sabotage our best intention for a low calorie, nutrition dense day.

We’re not going to stop reaching for a snack, especially not if we’re hungry and can’t wait for dinner. We justify it at the time saying “I’ll eat a little less later”, but by dinner time that consideration is forgotten! The idea is to plan ahead for the inevitable. Here’s some ideas to counteract the grab factor:

  1. green soup goodHave a tasty vegetable soup or veggies and a low calorie dip like hummos ready to grab.
  2. If you want to grab something like crackers and cheese or nuts, make sure you have small containers with portions allocated so you don’t keep sticking your hand in the bag, losing track of how much you’re really having.
  3. Put on the kettle and have a cup of your favorite tea.  If it’s sweet that you’re hunkering for, put in a little sugar or honey, just enough to taste the sweetness.  You’ll find that you snack less if you’re sipping between bites.

shopping listThe Busy Factor – There isn’t anyone I know who isn’t busy. It’s so easy to default to restaurants or take out. Even if you’re careful with what you order, you’re still taking in more fat, more salt, more chemicals and fewer veggies than you would at home. Here’s some ideas to help you plan ahead so there’s much less to do for meal prep

  1. Plan your menus ahead of time.  Make sure you have everything you need before the craziness of the week sets in.  That way you won’t have to stop off on the way home or run out to pick something up.
  2. So many recipes begin with chopped onions and garlic.  When you start chopping, do enough for a few different recipes.  The same for cutting vegetables.  Most veggies keep in glass containers for several days.  You cut back on the prep time and it turns out the same once it’s cooked.
  3. Make use of a slow cooker.  There’s plenty of slow cooker recipe books and recipes online.  If the veggies are cooked ahead of time, all you need to do is put the ingredients you need for dinner in the slow cooker while you’re boiling water for your morning coffee or tea.  Dinner’s ready when you get home.

The Lethargy Factor – That’s what the freezer’s for.  Stock your freezer up with leftover soups, chili, or pasta.  You can take containers of leftovers for lunch, but keep some  handy for those nights when you come home tired and don’t have the energy to cook.  It’s good to have Gx2 soup on hand as well.  A bowl of chili and a cup of Gx2 makes a quick and nutritious meal!

We cteaan’t get around the desire for immediate gratification. But we can have more control over the options we allow ourselves to buy. Put a plan to resist temptation into action. If you want a little inspiration or have some great ideas to share, do so here, or join our facebook group!