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March 2016

Three common factors that sabotage best intentions!


Every  new day comes with the potential of sticking to a healthy lifestyle plan or not.  Here’s three common factors that can get in the way of having a pristine day. Continue reading “Three common factors that sabotage best intentions!”

With Every Breath We Take

Debra Air BlogIn my Welcome blog post, I mentioned that I’m a canary – sensitive to foods and odors around me.

When I was a little girl, I used to get up in the morning feeling well. I’d get dressed and go into the kitchen for breakfast of hot cereal with milk and sugar, while my mom sat at the table with me, sipping her coffee and reading the morning newspaper. In no time at all, I’d have mega heartburn and be seriously nauseated, complained that I felt sick and couldn’t go to school. The pediatrician said I had school phobia. He wasn’t aware about dairy intolerance and especially not about chemical sensitivity. Continue reading “With Every Breath We Take”

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